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I've had PetPlan for 9 years. I took out the policy when our dog was just a little puppy. I knew I wouldn't be able to decide in a Vet's office how much money I was willing to spend on her. Within the first year she was diagnosed with pancreatic insufficiency and needed medicine every day to survive. PetPlan easily took care of the diagnosis and has been paying for her medicine every year I've had the policy. Sure, the price has gone up, but it will always make sense for me to have it. Just recently we had another claim that included an MRI which was going to cost about $3000. I called up PetPlan and Stacey, who told me it was 100% not necessary, told me that to put my mind at ease we could ask for pre-authorization. She was able to get it approved the next day for me and followed up as well. She put my mind at ease and it was wonderful being in the Vet's office without a huge dollar sign hanging over your pups head.
Thanks Stacey and thanks PetPlan! :-)

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