My experience with Petplan has been positive and they have been extremely helpful with all my queries.

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My dog, Bear, was diagnozed with a severe angular limb deformity and joint incongruency. He is only 18 months old and we were quite surprised and concerned to hear that he would need surgery. We got a second opinion and the requisite tests and xrays were done and the result was that he needed surgery to fix this problem. The vet said that although he was in some discomfort now, it would get worse the older he got. So we got surgery done It went well. We are so glad that and thankful that Bear is starting to gain his strength in the operated leg and putting some pressure on it. I have had a wonderful experience with the staff of Petplan. I would highly recommend that all pet owners get pet insurance as one never knows what can happen. We never expected to get surgery on our healthy and active 18 month old fur baby. Thank you Petplan.

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