I’m so relieved I got Pan Plan = lifesaver

Out of 10

So I’ve never had pet insurance before and never even considered it til a friend mentioned it to me a few years ago. He worked at a Human society and had seen first hand how important it was. I complained about being a starving artist on a budget and he pointed out that having a limited income is even more reason to get insurance.

I figured he had a point as my cat is my constant companion since I work from
Home and I couldn’t imagine having to make the choice to put him down because I couldn’t afford his treatment if he got sick. And the monthly payments at Petplan are really reasonable and easy to budget for. I heard really good things about PetPlan and felt confident going with them.

That being said you never really know how good your insurance is until you have to make a claim. I was really nervous as Archie was only 3 years old and got a kidney obstruction and needed really expensive surgery. We had to decide right away if we were going to go through with it and I had no idea if Pet Plan would cover it. So we gambled.

And Thankfully PetPlan came through for us with flying colours. Their staff was so nice and helpful when I called them multiple times in a panicking checking on the status of things. And when our claims got approved I felt such Relief that not only was our beloved pet going to be ok, but that I also didn’t have to go into major crippling debt to afford it.

I will recommend PetPlan to the moon and back now. I’m forever grateful!! You’re future self and pet will thank you if you invest now.

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