Crooks and thief's that lie and cheat.

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Horrible service that is only interested in separating your from your money. I had a cat get out and lost over a year ago and I reported her lost. at that time I and I was charged by this company for her for the year she was gone. I had set up auto pay and I thought it had stopped paying, but this company kept taking my money. When I noticed it last week and talked to the company they denied ever getting notice that I had told them she was lost and if I could prove that I had notified them I would get a refund. I found my report of that I proved I filed it over a year ago and now they won't refund my money. As a disabled person who has had to rely on honesty and good customer service and more importantly as a former manufacturing Quality/Regulatory Manager and engineer I am appalled at the way this company operates and would highly suggest any potential customers who read this to NOT use this company because they are thieves who steal your money.

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Posted: 06/28/2019
By: Maria

We are so sorry to hear that you were not reunited with Dolly. A pet insurance policy is not automatically cancelled when a pet is reported lost unless the owner requests to cancel the policy at that time. In the majority of cases pets are reunited with their pet parents when they have been lost and this allows for continued insurance coverage for your pet. As communicated to you on June 20, 2019 your policy was cancelled back to the beginning of your 2018-2019 policy term and the premium paid has been refunded to you. I trust this has satisfied your request. Thank you.