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We have two Cocker Spaniel/Poodle Mix females. Both have had some health issues and our insurance has come in so handy. Right after Easter this year, our Sadie (2 years old) began to exhibit signs of pain and difficulty walking. After evaluation it was determined that she had a disk herniate (it fully burst actually) and she had lost use and feeling of her hind quarters. Surgery in my eyes was the only option. I immediately called Nationwide and spoke to Jackie (x6480) to fill her in our what was happening and wanted to find out what was covered by our plan. JACKIE WAS AMAZING!!! She told me exactly what i needed to do, she called us to check on Sadie's status and once our final hospital bills were submitted, she filed an exception to have our claims expedited for reimbursement. I am so happy to say that our Sadie is getting stronger every day, she is now walking and running and regaining bathroom function. We would not be happier with her progress. It was so nice to not have have financial reasons impact our decisions on what was best for our girl. I always tell people to get pet insurance, they will not regret it!!

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