I Loved PetPlan....Until they sold out to another company

Out of 10

I have been with PetPlan 8 years. I was quite happy with them in the beginning. They had the BEST coverage at the lowest cost. Their customer service was EXCELLENT and the main thing I liked about them. I used Facebook and other sites to tell others about my experiences.

Things were fine until they were purchased by another company.

My premiums go up yearly and I no longer have the coverage I once did. Filing claims is much harder. They claim it's easy if you use their smart phone app. I tried it, it did not work for me. I contacted them about the problem. Their answer was " Go to the app and file your claim." In other words they gave me a non answer while pretending to answer my question. and managed to ignore my problem in the process. I guess they see that as a win. Myself I'm going to try FIGO pet insurance.

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