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My Mia tore her left ACL, and while waiting for surgery, she tore her right ACL. Nationwide was prompt in making payment to me for the first surgery.
But the right leg surgery costs was denied payment due to the fact that they said they only pay for one incident in a calendar year.
Well it is the same injury, but in 2 different legs. I have had my claimed reviewed and I have asked to have the "explanation" where it states that in the policy to be shown to me in layman terms.
Just today I have been denied another claim, due to she still has an infection in her bone from the first surgery, with the EOB stating they have paid in full for this incident.
I didn't know there was a limit to benefits. I thought I had a $15,000.00 limit per incident. I guess I am wrong. I will be looking at my policy better before my renewal comes up.

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