Your premiums will SOAR EVERY YEAR!!!

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I started with FIGO in 2017. I had done a lot of research and they had great rates and coverage and I started out paying $413 a year for my Lab who is now 3, and this year's renewal is $707 ! For my med sized mix dog it started at $324 and this year's renewal is $471. That is almost a $400 increase in 2 years, and that was WITH downgrading my coverage last year due to the ridiculous price hike.

Now they started piecemealing the coverage, making the office visit fee extra, changing the deductibles etc. They SCREWED everyone who started with them and put their fur babies on this plan by making this coverage see so great then just grossly increasing the premiums.

AND...there is no way to switch to another insurance because all the other insurance companies will consider everything that has happened previously as a 'pre-existing condition. That is how they can raise the prices so much because they know that your are SOL. Sure, they may get your claims handled quickly (if they are actually going to pay it) but that is the only reason they give for the price hikes. TOTAL SCAM. They won't pay for Rx's that are being sold ILLEGALLY on the internet by places such as Amazon, even if the Rx states on the packaging 'Only for Sale by Licenced Veterinarians', they will say it is available Over the Counter and so the will not pay it.

If I could do over, I would go with Pet's best. Don't use FIGO. Pretty soon I will have to downgrade this to basically a super high deductible and consider it only if the worst were to happen such as major surgeries.

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