Trupanion is a HUGE SCAM!

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I am canceling my plan after 5 years of paying so much money to this scam of a company! I signed up when my dog was just a year and a half years old after I read such great reviews online! I started out paying $74 per month for a plan with a $250 deductible and slowly payments kept increasing until I was paying over $85 per month when I submitted my first claim when my dog was suffering from an ear infection- my claim was denied, stating there were missing files from previous vet clinic records. I sent many emails, with more documents and tons of proof he never suffered from ear infections! I sent copies of every visit documented at both clinics, and continuously arguing and denying their statements that this was a pre-existing illness! I finally received a cheque for $48 on my $380+ in vet fees. As I was very upset and had argued my point as much as possible, I called considering to cancel my plan. They convinced me to increase my deductible and pay lower premiums/monthly fees. I now have a plan with a higher deductible, and my monthly fees began at $48 with the changes made, but have since creeped up to over $54 per month over the year and guess what, I just submitted a claim for an injury my dog suffered to his knee while running at the Dogpark. We paid $850 for xrays and diagnostics and again they have denied this claim stating pre-existing degenerative causes - how is an injury a pre-existing illness you scammers?!?! They are basing this on a visit to the vet when my dog was stung by a bee but when we had gone to the vet to see why he was limping, our vet ( not so smart) recommended X-rays to determine the cause for swelling/inflammation. I’m so angry because the 4 years of premiums I paid could have been well worth more in an investment that I could have used to pay for vet bills as we’ve gone along. They denied my coverage based on bullshit and I am canceling so I don’t give the another cent! If your looking for pet insurance, this is not the one to choose! Don’t believe the fake good reviews! Trupanion is a HUGE SCAM!!!

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