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Our 13 1/2 year old Westie has been insured with PetPlan for 11 years and for the most part we have been happy with the plan as she has had many medical issues since she was 2 1/2. Her current coverage consists of a $100 deductible per illness and unlimited coverage of 90% of her vet bills. To date, we have been reimbursed $36,000 for 2019 and have been able to give Mattie the best medical care possible, while paying $3,207 in premiums to PetPlan. The renewal policy we were “offered” changes her coverage significantly in that coverage is limited to to $15,000 per year, $750 deductible per Illness and 70% reimbursement. While the premium cost goes down to $774.56 per year, this in no way compensates for the drastic change in benefits. I was told that the Pet insurance industry views pets as property, and thus like car insurance changes with the age of a vehicle, so can the pet insurance change with the age of the animal. They say that they can not "offer" me any other policy, even though I am willing to pay an increase in last years premium. What person would tolerate cuts in medical benefits as they age - pets deserve better.

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Posted: 09/13/2019
By: Beatrice Greenberg

This is a follow up to my post about PetPlan. My dog died in August, shortly after the new policy terms became effective. After her death a customer service rep contacted me and told me that because of my concerns and others who were in similar situations that the company was reviewing their marketing policies. I was grateful that my horrible experience might result in some good. Earlier this week I started researching pet insurance for a possible new pet. While on PetPlans site I engaged in a chat and learned that they are continuing to provide what I believe is misleading information. I have extracted the following from the chat:

So, I can keep the coverage I purchase throughout the life of my pet, regardless of any health issues or the amount of money PetPlan has had to pay out?

Pet Plan Response

Yes. Per our terms and conditions, the coverage can be changed but you would be notified before that occurred. It would be in a very rare circumstance, like a change of underwriter for example.

In the current situation, there was no change in underwriter. So, as when I purchased the policy they are still letting consumers believe that they will let you keep the policy you purchased for the life of the pet - except for "very rare" circumstances, which according to the chat would not include high claims.

You be the judge and jurying and decide if you want this company to protect your pet. Ask a lot of questions and force yourself to read through the policy. If you need a lawyer to read the policy I suggest you go elsewhere.