You should have this for your pet...Embrace is amazing and I can't recommend them highly enough!

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I got a new puppy in the beginning of February after losing my last dog, Thumper, to cancer. I hesitated when looking at pet insurance because I had it for Thumper but ended up getting rid of it because the insurance company refused to pay any claims, despite collecting more than double my current monthly fee for Embrace.

Anyway, coming from a military family, I have USAA auto insurance and really love them, so I contacted them and found out they partner with Embrace. I investigated the monthly fees and found it very affordable, so I enrolled. Shortly after enrolling, my new pup (Maverick) went through a quick series of emergency vet visits - getting hit in the eye with a tennis ball at the dog park, getting very sick late the next night from the medicine for his eye, and then even getting stung by a bee! It added up to very little sleep and lots of vet bills.

I submitted the claims at the same time once things settled down, and Embrace processed them and cut the checks within 3 days. The reimbursement rate was very high (80%) and my deductible was very reasonable ($300). I also can see all claims and any explanations from the adjusters on the website and in the app on my phone. I just recommended my mom and sis get insurance through them, and I'm making the same recommendation to you. Great service, good prices, professional, and honest. I couldn't be more pleased.

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