The 14-day waiting period is nonsense

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Unfortunately, our first-time experience with PetSecure was very disappointing. We encountered a lot of lack of transparency.
Our dog was 10.5 and very healthy. When we noticed early signs of arthritis, we decided to get her insurance and went to the vet to get her blood work and X-ray done. In the meantime, I applied for Secure 3. It took about 48 hours to hear back from them. Our vet had already forwarded our dog's most up-to-date medical records. So when we spoke to a rep, she said that we were all set and good to go. I passed on my credit card details and the next day we received the 'binder of coverage' where the 'underwriting information required' part had caused some confusion. Our dog's only pre-existing condition would've been her arthritis and glaucoma. Her full examination took place within two weeks of the insurance application, but the binder stated, '...we have not yet received or not yet reviewed your pet's medical history...'
That was not what the lady said on the phone. It might've helped if she'd clarified everything step by step on the day of the setup.
I emailed records(at)petlineinsurance and asked what else was needed, but never heard back from them. Our dog had been healthy throughout her life! There were no records of any severe conditions.
We don't know what our vet had passed on to PetSecure, except for our dog's clean blood work and X-ray.
Unfortunately, right after the X-ray (she didn't take the sedation too well), she had days of bad vertigo. The vet said it would pass.
Unexpectedly, on the Easter weekend, she suffered from a severe seizure, which led us to take her into the emergency after midnight. She had never had a seizure before. The vet did another blood work, which came out clean again. He concluded that our dog had a brain tumour. This was a shock to us. She was traumatized and in a lot of pain that night, while a week prior she was perfectly fine (chewed sticks and played in the water!). They gave her pain killers and some anti-seizure medication, which only helped her sleep, but the next morning, on Easter Monday, she woke up in more pain. We decided to put her down. It had all happened so suddenly.
We'd asked both the vet and emergency clinic to pass the details on to Pet Secure.
On the next business day, I called in to let them know about our dog's passing. The lady I spoke to pulled up the profile but hadn't seen the emergency clinic's notes right away. However, I was told on the phone that euthanasia and cremation would be covered. Due to our financial strain, I felt relieved when I heard that. As far as we were concerned, we thought our dog was insured. But at the end of the day, the same rep called to tell us that she'd spoken to her superior who said that they weren't able to cover any of the expenses (emergency clinic + euthanasia/cremation) because of the '14-day waiting period'. We were stunned.
A few days later we received a letter from PetSecure confirming our cancellation and also indicated that they weren't able to cover any of the costs, because our dog was not 'enrolled' (!?!).
The biggest problem overall was hearing one thing on the phone and reading the COMPLETE opposite on paper. The whole process of applying for pet insurance with PetSecure didn't go as smooth as we'd hoped. The lack of transparency made it very unclear about what was covered and what wasn't. The binder of coverage basically stated that nothing was covered.

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