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I own a policy for roughly $800.00 annually with a $500.00 deductible. My dog has been suffering from a yeast infection in her ear since mid December 2018, have rolled up costs in excess of $1,200.00. Trupanion has only applied $21.60 to my deductible (for another issue) but noted this ear infection was a pre-existing condition - my Vet has a record of treating an ear infection in 2013, which is when I purchased the policy. So let me get this straight, she was treated for an ear infection once so any ear infection or any other condition she had prior to me purchasing the policy is considered pre-existing and not covered? They cash my check every month without fail and I'm sure there's fine print on all of this but why wouldn't they contact me when reviewing my pets records to inform me in advance so I can decide if this is really the company I want to work with. This is disgusting and I won't be recommending Trupanion to my friends or enemies.

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