Embrace Pet Insurance is a scam and I do not recommend them for your pet's health coverage

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My Pomeranian got Embrace Pet Insurance and her coverage began in mid-January 2019. At the beginning of April she had blood work done because I wanted to make sure she was fit to travel before I spent $6k to move her with me to Australia. Her blood tests came back normal, but her gallbladder levels were elevated and the vet suggested we do an ultrasound to determine the diagnosis. The ultrasound cost $550, so I sent Embrace a pre-certification form to verify the cost would be covered and they said it would be. After the ultrasound, the vet’s diagnosis was that my dog was developing biliary mucocele. Because my dog was not showing signs or symptoms that she’s sick or in pain, they suggested switching her to a low fat diet and giving her ursodial once a day to help with the bile flow and prevent the mucocele from getting worse. I submitted the claim to be reimbursed for the ultrasound test and Embrace informed me that they made an error and my dog will not be covered for gallbladder mucocele because it’s considered pre-existing according to their terms and conditions in their policy.
My dog had two incidents where she ate something that didn't agree with her stomach last July 2018 and in early January 2019. The first time she had vomiting and diarrhea, the second time she just vomited. Some of the symptoms for gallbladder mucocele include vomiting and diarrhea and the insurance said because she didn't have blood work done during those times, then there's no proof that she didn't have the disease at the time. My argument is there's no proof that she had it because she hasn't shown consistent signs or symptoms of having this disease. She was acting and functioning normal then and even now, which is why I didn't push forward to do blood work back then because I didn't see a reason to spend a lot of money that seemed unnecessary. Also, blood work only tells you which vitals are elevated and does not determine the disease. For example, if my dog had eaten something poisonous, then of course the blood test would show her gallbladder and liver levels were elevated. It doesn’t mean she had a pre-existing disease. Embrace said from a medical stand point I am correct, but from their Terms and Conditions stand point I am incorrect. So ANY disease that has symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea will not be covered, which means she's not covered for most things since almost everything has symptoms of vomiting and/or diarrhea.
Pre-existing is something that is pre-diagnosed. Doctors and veterinarians can't diagnose many diseases and medical problems with blood tests alone. I DO NOT and WILL NOT recommend Embrace Pet Insurance because their focus is not providing coverage for your pet when most needed and they will take their opinion and call it fact.

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