Awesome company, wish human insurance was so great!

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I have been a Healthy Paws parent since 2012. In 2007 we spent $22,000 saving a dog who was like a child to us. I swore I would never do it again. He lived 10 more happy years. In 2012 I lost another dog because I couldn't afford the surgery. I was heartbroken. Healthy Paws has been there for me ever since. Their rates are comparable or better than even a large employer group plan. You can customize the plans to your needs. The staff is very helpful and friendly, always recognizing milestones with an acknowledgment. Their system for uploading vet invoices couldn't be easier. I get home from the vet, log on with my phone, snap the picture of the invoice and it is uploaded instantly. Usually within 24 hours there is a response that they are dealing with the information. For instance my puppy ate an indigestible piece of rubber, had major surgery for a significant sum of money. He came home on a Wednesday, I sent the invoice about 5pm the same day and they cut my reimbursement check on Friday. Today I received an personal note asking how he was after surgery. I tell everyone. Can't recommend them more. I wish humans could be cared for so well.

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