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Well we just cancelled our pet insurance. Upon getting the insurance I made sure to ask if there was a waiting period for anything that my puppy may accidentally eat. They told me there wasn’t. About three months into the policy our pup ate two bones that got struck in her stomach. She was in the ICU for two days luckily she passed them. So we sent in the claim. They kept asking for more and more documentation about her history and what happened. Finally it was denied because it said that she had vomiting. Which she had prior to starting the policy. However this time the vomiting was associated with the obstruction. Show me a case of a GI obstruction that doesn’t have either vomiting or diarrhea. So they denied it. They said that I could get a Lester from the vet and they would reopen it but chances are it would still be denied. So why am I wasting money on this service if you won’t cover anything? If you are looking for something that’s gonna cover a puppy being a puppy then don’t go with them.

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