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I am extremely disappointed as of late in this company. When I started with them 4 years ago I couldn’t believe what a great deal I was getting. Last year the company changed hands and my premiums when up while my coverage when down. It wasn’t too significant snd I received a written letter detailing exactly why the changes were happening, so I stayed with them. This year my monthly premium increased by $20!!! Over 4 years my premiums went from a reasonable $50 to over $80. I was not appropriately notified and when I contacted the company for an explanation they merely told me premiums increase as dogs age based on a formula they are not allowed To disclose. I would like to say my pup is only 4 years old and with increases like these without clear understanding of the methodology it makes it impossible to afford. I believe increases with age are to be expected but they could not offer me any pattern of what to expect or reasonable explanation for such a drastic increase. It’s a shame when companies are not transparent in their pricing.

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Posted: 06/19/2019
By: Janis Wilson

I agree with you about the price. My Sadie is only 3 and my premium has gone up over $50. I am thinking of changing companies or putting the money in an investment account that will collect interest. I didn't now the company changed hands.