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FIGO has great coverage and customer service and quick claim reimbursement. I love being able to submit claims on line !

HOWEVER, I got coverage for my then 6-year-old German Shepherd last year (2018). At my recent first renewal, my monthly payment went from $63.21/mo to an ASTOUNDING INCREASE TO $175.86/mo for the same coverage.

FIGO has only been in business since April 2015 and evidently did not know how to set rates for it's excellent coverage. I suspect the underwriters woke up and realized they were not making enough money, so made a whopping increase in rates. Thankfully, my dog is healthy and did not develop any new health conditions, so I am able to look for new insurance with another company without having to worry about pre-existing conditions. But if my dog had developed new health issues in the last 12 months, it would be VERY difficult for me to get decent coverage. JUST BE CAREFUL ABOUT RATE INCREASES ! ! !

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1 - 8

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