Deductible is high, customer service horrible, confused by high rating

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We had issues with our dog that seemed to be covered but were not when you look into the fine print. Fine, not the issue here. The issue is the absolute lack of correspondence, disappointing customer service, coupled with the extremely high deductible - with no payout. I am utterly confused by the high ratings of this insurance company. This was why we chose them in the first place. Having brought up the name to our vet, they told us that a lot of patients have issues with them. I feel slightly swindled! Will be going with a different provider.

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Shih Tzu

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Posted: 04/04/2019


We’re sorry that your customer service experience did not meet yours or our expectations as we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Unfortunately, we cannot find your account in our system with any degree of certainty using the limited information in your review, so any response regarding what the issue was in regards to our communication with you would only be speculation.

Regarding policy deductibles, anyone enrolling with us has the option if their pet has a similar age as yours to choose the deductible and reimbursement level they would like at enrollment. Our deductible is an annual deductible. The annual deductible is by "coverage term", which means that the deductible is applied to the 12 months following your pet enrollment date. As with any policy with a deductible, the deductible you chose at enrollment needs to be met before there would be any reimbursement for covered charges.

The Healthy Paws Team

Posted: 07/01/2019
By: Thomas Schmidt

I am with you on the confused high rating. They are without exception the worst. Has to be money paid to review companies and not to deserving pet owners with up to date premium history..