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I began using Pets Best in 2009 when I rescued my dog in anticipation of increasing medical needs as she aged. She was 3 years old at the time and Pets Best premiums and coverage seemed reasonable. In her lifetime, I've made a total of 7 claims. 2 were denied and 4 were made this February as my aging dog has had several cancerous tumors. Nonetheless, Pets Best' premiums have steadily increased over the past few years; over $200 per month in 2017, to over $400 in 2018. I continued to pay because my dog's medical needs were increasing but this month I received a notice that they would increase again to over $600. All told Pets Best has paid out less than $5,000 in my dog's lifetime and at this point, when she most needs coverage, it's unaffordable. Total Scam!

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Staffordshire Terrier

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Over 8 years

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Posted: 04/23/2019

We understand your concern. Prices will tend to go up as your pet ages. Much like in human health care, an older person is going to be more expensive to insure than a younger one. Similarly, a pet's chances of becoming ill will increase as they age. The insurance premiums are designed to reflect this increased risk of illness. You'll be happy to know that prices do not go up because of your pet's personal claims filing activity. Please contact us if you would like to go over options on reducing your rates.

Posted: 05/08/2019

I agree, they did the same thing to me. I took out a policy on my cat in 2007 when he was one year old, had to cancel last year when the premium rose to over $700 a year. All these people with the five star reviews: wait till your pet gets old and see how wonderful you think Pets Best is. When your premium becomes unaffordable and you have to switch to another company you'll get stuck with all the pre-existing conditions exclusions you were hoping to avoid by insuring your pet while they were young. Terrible company.