Still waiting on payments from 2015 - I wish the company Veterinary Pet Insurance had never been bought by Nationwide

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This is the first claim paid with any kind of ease. To consider any charges now in 2019 N’wide asked for all vet records since 2014 and the policy was bought in 2015. With N’wide the cost increased, the deductible increased, and the benefits decreased. I can show claim documents dating before N’wide bought out Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) and now so u can see the difference. My mixed lab just turned 5 and the price increased by 33% per month to $42. With VPI the monthly cost was only $60/month when my purebred Boxer was 13. Based on the rate increase I can expect to pay $100+ per month when my lab mix is 13.

I am having a bigger issue with the policy for my second lab mix. I have sent every record and bill I have. I have even signed a authorization to release information form so N’wide can request info from the vets. They have yet to pay $0.01 since policy inception in 2015. No payment for his fractured tibial crest when he was young to his emergency vet visit at age 4 due to persistent vomiting. I have received no communication in 3+ weeks. We have a 3rd dog and we will not get pet insurance through N'wide for her

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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