Paying for a service on top of that having to pay for every single conditions of my dog.

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I am deeply dissatisfied with the services Trupanion offers. I pay a monthly fee of 89 CAD just to cover every condition on my own. Recently my dog had to have a molar tooth extracted because it was broken. The procedure costed 1200 CAD, I covered the 700 CAD deductible, which I knew I have to cover, and they covered only 300 CAD. I recently discovered another fractured tooth and took my dog to the vet, we are trying to avoid extraction and got him antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications. However, Trupanion does not want to cover because apparently it counts as a new conditions, which it does not, because he already had a broken tooth condition before. It does not say that in their policy and now I am paying my monthly fees and on top of that I have to pay for the vet bill, which should be covered because I have already paid the deductible of that condition. I would most definitely not recommend Trupanion as you will end up paying for a service that almost never covers anything. Because apparently every single vet trip counts as a separate condition and you have to pay a deductible of 700 CAD first, which most likely you would never fulfill. Therefore, you are better off saving that 89 CAD every month and putting it towards vet bills.

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$100 - $500

Siberian Huskey

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1 - 8

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