Signing up is easy, but this company denies every claim and gave us the runaround

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We signed up our cat and provided 2 years of medical records to PetPlan. We had a hard couple of months where he was ill, then injured while we were away. Bills were accumulating up to $2000. When we made claims, PetPlan kept saying they didn't have enough documentation. When we would go through all of our vets again, PetPlan would then say it was a pre-existing condition. How is a sprained leg a pre-existing condition?! Additionally, we insured our other cat with this company - a kitten less than 6 months old. We made a claim after she had an illness and provided vet records from both her only vet and from the rescue group we adopted her from. PetPlan refused to cover any portion of the bill, stating they still needed further documentation from before she was adopted. There is no further documentation, we provided absolutely everything. She had no vet before we adopted her at 3 months, and before that there is only the records from the rescue group, which we provided. They made it really impossible to make a claim, even with a kitten! After about 6 months of this runaround with every single claim, we've given up and we will go with a different company.

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injury - sprained leg
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 04/15/2019

I had the same issue, they just kept telling me not enough information then i finally got the old vets records and all was good, then they claim its a pre-existing condition, complete BS in my opinion. Going elsewhere also.
If you have a small dog, teacup etc, do NOT GET THIS INSURANCE.