Stay away from Petsecure - don’t make the same mistake I did

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I would strongly advise anyone looking for pet insurance to look elsewhere. My 3 months with Petsecure has been absolutely horrific. I got pet insurance for my puppy 3 weeks after I got her - I got their absolute best insurance pack, as I wanted to make sure she would be well looked after in case of emergency. The day after I got the pet insurance she vomited because of eating a set of my husbands headphone ear buds. I called (on the telephone - it wasn’t even a visit) the vet to ask his advice, and was just told to monitor her, which I did with no issue. 1 month after this she started vomiting frequently, at which point the vet said that he wanted to xrays ($620). These were covered under the insurance. Fast forward another month and the problem has persisted - now the vet wants to do an endoscopy and surgery ($10,000). At this point Petsecure come back and say that they are not covering her for ANY gastrointestinal problems EVER anymore because apparently her vomiting the day after I got the policy makes it a pre-existing condition (funny how that wasn’t the case when I was looking to get the xrays done, but still had a $400 deductible).

I have found Petsecure pet insurance to be a total scam, and I would strongly recommend avoiding them. Don’t make my mistake - do your research and find a better insurer or put money away to cover your pet’s costs.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Old English Bulldogge

Age of Pet
Under a year

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