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I am (was) a big fan of insurance and over the past 17 years I have used Embrace, Pet Plan and more recently Figo. I was very happy with Pet Plan until they changed underwriters and the terms of their policies changed dramatically. For insurance to work for us I need the features originally offered by Pet Plan: 100% reimbursement after deductible is satisfied and exam fees included. Last year the policy Pet Plan offered me on renewal eliminated 100% reimbursement with a large increase in premium.

At the time (spring 2018) Figo was just about the only company offering 100% reimbursement but no longer. They only offer 80% reimbursement and charge extra to cover the exam fee. But most significantly, on a 4 year old small mixed breed the premium went from $500 to $800, a 60% increase.

A company that cannot offer a consistent product from year to year with reasonable price increases is not well managed. I am very disappointed in Figo and never even got to make a claim.

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