ASPCA Misleads Customers

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I purchased an unlimited policy for my Norwegian Forest cat after he suffered an acute kidney attack at 3 years old. I then contacted ASPCA insurance for a quote on the phone when the representative related that the kidney disease would be covered and not considered a pre existing condition as long as he did not exhibit symptoms or required treatment after 180 days. My cat was symptom free for 13 months when he unfortunately had to be hospitalized to save his life for 3 days due to kidney failure. I then submitted a claim for the emergency room costs of approximately $3,000 after I met my deductible. ASPCA processed the claim and would reimburse $0 because it’s a pre existing condition. I related my initial conversation at enrollment when they replied that the disease must be “cured” and have no treatment after 180 days. ASPCA related that since kidney disease is incurable that I cannot be reimbursed a cent. The representative did not explain to me how ASPCA defines “cured” or the list of diseases that they deem to be “incurable.” ASPCA secured my enrollment , took my money and hung me out to dry based on how they want to interpret terminology when it benefits their organization. As pet owners we will go above and beyond for the health of our animals and ASPCA will take advantage of that.

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Renal (kidney)

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Over $1000

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