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If I could switch companies, I would! But my guy is stuck here because he has medication conditions he developed while on Pets Plus Us. There's almost always some problem or another that you need to call them about.. often them blaming the vet/waiting on the vet which is not true. My vets have shown me proof when they've sent what this company requests and they say they get this problem from PPU all the time. One of my vet clinics has stopped recommending this company.

Their customer service is horrible. I just spent 20 mins on the phone, most of it on hold trying to sort out my monthly premiums ($200) for my cats and the discount I was supposed to be getting. Let me say this is the second time I've had to call.. and the first resolved nothing at all, which is typical of PPU. After 20 mins they either hung up on the other end or the call dropped, that's was 20 mins ago. No call back. Nothing. Still unresolved. Add to that.. one of my cats I have an e-mail from them stating the monthly premium would be x amount, and they actually charge nearly $10 more a month than I have them on e-mail stating it would be.

I feel this company counts on just exhausting you fighting to get things resolved.. hoping you'll just give up. I don't recommend this company at all, it's far too much hassle. I've been with them for going on 3 years now. Oh and I've never gotten a reimbursement for my cats medications from last May! They denied it.. and it's the exact same ongoing medications they've continue to cover! lol Figure that one out? Literally no change or different, they just decide to decline a month of his monthly medications then resume covering it again lol Not the first time they've done this. They're very unreliable. I'm exhausted trying to deal with them. Reading other reviews it seems I'm not the only one.

I will say the positives I've found is that they do cover alternative treatments and when they're not trying to wear you down and are actually on the ball, they're great.

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Scottish Fold

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1 - 8

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Posted: 03/09/2019
By: renitabartlett…

Hi there

Did they respond to your review. You experience sounds a whole lot like mine