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Archie was named Ace when I first met him - a scared, reactive, hesitant dog at Seattle Animal Shelter. His first owner was abusive( kicking and punching his head), and Animal Control had seized Ace after multiple complaints from neighbors. He was too scared for them to even scan him for a chip, and was labeled fractious. Due to ridiculous laws, his owner was able to keep him from being fostered or adopted out for over a year. The amazing staff and volunteers at SAS did the best they could, but Ace was overstimulated and really uncomfortable. It took a village, but I was approved to foster him almost a year to the date after he had been brought in. His nickname in the shelter was "Blanket Boy" because he tore apart all blankets and toys. I had no idea how this was going to go, but I was one of about a dozen people he was fairly comfortable with, and really the only one who could take him in ( all of the others already had "special" pets and/or didn't have a home that allowed dogs of his size). He carried one of the blankets the shelter gave us to the apartment I was renting nearby, and once there spent most of the first week sleeping. About 6 months later, when he was finally adoptable thanks to staff & volunteers(including a lawyer and behavior specialist), I adopted him. I had been researching pet insurance companies while fostering and Trupanion came highly recommended. I purchased my policy, but it didn't kick in until the day after his complimentary vet visit, which revealed a mast cell tumor on his head that needed to be surgically removed and biopsied. Shelter volunteers, friends and family pitched in to help pay for the surgery and related costs, and the surgery was a success with clear margins and a low-grade diagnosis of the tumor.
Of course I still worry about recurrence( I have had 3 separate masses tested in the 4 years that have passed since I adopted Ace ( now Archie) and while none of them have turned out to be malignant, I worry about this possibility as it would be a pre-existing condition that would not be covered). I have never regretted my decision to go with Trupanion, however. Archie developed pretty severe allergies, and I was able to find a dermatologist who diagnosed him and offered several treatment options. He needs both weekly and monthly shots, and has a very strict diet. Both types of shots were covered at 90% once the deductible for allergies was met. I don't worry about the cost because of Trupanion, and claims are easily submitted and quickly processed. Archie's dermatologist offered the monthly shot ( a Cytopoint injection) as a more expensive alternative to the Apoquel medication he was taking because some studies have shown a correlation between its use and certain types of cancer. Because Trupanion so consistently covers the Cytopoint injections, I was able to take a lot of the cost consideration out of my decision to switch to it. I thought it would be a huge chore taking him to get the shot every 4-6 weeks but, as it turns out, he is really used to it and even looks forward to seeing his friends there( and treats he gets in exchange for quiet obedience).
Ive been meaning to write a review for a long time. As a health care practitioner who both uses and is a provider for human medical insurance, I have a lot of criticism for the system as it exists today. Trupanion has been a welcome change. I tell my patients and other providers about my experience with it, and have even talked to insurance providers about it. I really wish human medical insurance could work like this!
I have looked into switching to other plans that cover preventive care and pre-existing conditions, but I really have a lot of loyalty to Trupanion. In addition to my own positive experience, I also know some Trupanion employees personally and have heard that they are treated well. This is also very important to me.
Archie and I both appreciate your hard work, attention to detail and history of great coverage and benefits. Thank you!!!

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