Good coverage - slow payouts

Out of 10

This is the first time I’ve purchased pet insurance. I opted for the highest coverage and added the additional rider in order to help cover his neutering and other annual costs. I will re-evaluate the rider when the policy is up for renewal as I may not need the top tier or maybe won’t need to carry it for the following year. I’ve found they do cover quite a bit at a high percentage- 90%. My only complaint so far is the reimbursement of claims have been taking at least 6 weeks. At times if I’ve had multiple claims pending once the oldest hits 6 weeks they will include the next claim in the reimbursement with the check. When questioned about the long time to process claims I’ve been told by multiple employees that it’s just due to high volume they’ve received from the summer of 2018 and on. They tell me they are working to Getting back to processing claims within 4 weeks. But I still feel a month is a long time for claim approval turnaround and payout. It would be great if the approval and payout could be within a couple of weeks as some other pet insurance companies say they do.
The customer service reps when contacted have always been easy to work with and been able to answer my questions.
But other than the longer reimbursement timing I’m overall happy with the coverage.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Bavarian Mountain Dog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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