This pet insurance has saved us tons of money

Out of 10

We are so glad that we decided to get pet insurance for our 7 year old rescue dog. We've spent thousands of dollars on our dog in the last 8 months! and luckily our Hartville policy reimburses 90% of eligible costs after a $250 deductible. Two weeks after having him he started to limp and we've been to the vet 10+ times to x-ray him, diagnose him, see specialists and manage his pain meds. He's had a UTI, and yesterday got bit by a dog gone wild. You never know what can happen and we're so happy with Hartville's easy claim submittal process and payments. The first few payments took about 6 weeks but the rest have been approved and processes in as little as 2 weeks. My only complaint is that the web portal does not let me sign up for direct deposit so I have to wait for checks to be mailed to me.

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Chronic arthritis
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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