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Learn from my mistake! Pet insurance was a complete waste of my money. I spent over $4100 in premiums over nearly 6 years. The one time I submitted a claim it resulted in zero reimbursement. Sure, they "covered" the claim, but little did I know that you have to pay a separate deductible for each individual ailment that your dog has, even when it is one episode of care or one injury. My dog needed 2 lumps removed from his leg and tested for skin cancer (thankfully was negative). It cost about $1300. My deductible was $500. They consider each lump to be a separate condition and so I would need to pay 2 deductibles. Honestly! Let's say your dog gets hit by a car and breaks more than one bone in its leg. You will be charged a separate deductible for each bone, each cut, each individual issue and they will have you paying probably 6 different deductibles. Once you pay $3000 in deductibles you may have reached the cost of the entire ordeal. My money would have been better invested rather than throwing it away on Trupanion premiums. All the companies would work the same and it's only about their financial gain, not taking care of pets. Be careful.

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lumps on leg needed to be removed and tested for cancer - about $1400
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 02/18/2019

I feel your pain , been through the same thing . I have been paying them for 3 years . 1st claim of over $500 . I got a big reimbursement of $4.83

They took for ever to process my claim . The claim was for back in May 2018 . I call at least 4 times . They claim oh we never recivd your claim until Dec 2018 , Feb 2019 , I m told I’m getting reburst $4.83

What a bunch of crap

Posted: 06/01/2019

OMG that is outrageous! A separate deductible for each lump? Thanks for the heads up.

Posted: 07/14/2019
By: Kim

Totally agree. They are scammers, deny deny deny. My dog had lump removed and they charged deductible for SAME lump (sebaceous cyst). Plan on fighting them once again and believe me it is a fight every time. Been paying premiums x 8 years now. And they raise premiums significantly each year.