Great customer service, have had this insurance for over 10yrs for 2 Great Danes

Out of 10

Back when there were only a handful of pet insurance companies, it was next to impossible to find pet insurance that would cover Cancer, purebreds (even though both are rescues), and several breed related conditions. Bought through AKC, PetPartners has come through for my two Great Danes (now 15yrs and 11 yrs old!) for years. From $9k to $700 claims. One has had cancer tumor operations twice! Both covered! Customer service is EXCELLENT. You get a real person, here in the US when calling that is always cheerful and helpful. Have never had an issue with them and it's been great as their age gets up there that I can adjust the deductible to reduce the cost. With all of my claims it is also nice that they do not count the claims against you to raise the rates the following year (it goes by your location and dog age). Especially when you're dogs have had multiple over $3k surgeries each!

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I've had several claims a year for over 10yrs with them.
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Great Dane

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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