Awesome service for my furbaby.

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When my precious fur-baby Gizmo Flamepoint Himilayan got sick in early December 2018. I took him to the Abegweit Animal Hospital. He had all the symptoms Pancreatitis. The Drs were concerned that he wasn’t eating and vomiting, they began treating him for Pancreatitis. Our first appointment was on a Wednesday, my Veterinarian call me on Friday to see if Gizmo was improving and he still wasn’t interested in eating they gave him an appetite stimulation, because they suspect it was Pancreatitis, they done X-rays and Ultra Sound and blood work for Pancreatitis. I brought Gizmo in to the Hospital on Saturday and after his results came back I consulted with my Veterinarian and she booked us in with the surgeon for the following Monday. They done surgery on Monday and took a bisopy of his Pancreas and it was sent to confirm whether or not he’s had Pancreatitis. They’re main concern was he still wasn’t interested eating and he had another incident of vomiting. When he had the appetite stimulation he would eat like crazy although he wasn’t eating his regular food that I was purchasing from our Veterinarian, the only food he ate was the Temptation kitty treats. His results can back and Gizmo didn’t have Pancreatitis, he has IBS. Because it was Christmas and we was going to be away the Veterinarian allowed us to feed him the Temptation kitty treats. but then in January I began feeding him the Royal Canin for Kittens again, he’s now eating again but not a whole lot. I contacted PetPan Insurance Company and they were very understanding, compassionate and helpful to me. They email me the forms and my Veterinarian Hospital filled out all the forms and I had payment within 4-6 weeks.

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