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More than seven years ago I researched health insurance plans for our Standard Manchester Terrier even before we acquired her as a new puppy. As it quickly appeared to stand out above the other companies at that time, we promptly registered with Trupanion.
As it turned out, we did require coverage for our dear Luna’s few, mostly chronic, health issues that emerged over the years.
We have found that our expectations have been exceeded continuously by Trupanion. Trupanion has not only assisted us to ease our expenses significantly for veterinary care, but has done so in the most positive, kind and helpful manner, whether in emails or by phone.
When a claim is submitted on line, which is simple to do, the response by Trupanion is amazing both in its being immediate and also in being completely explanatory about the details of coverage for the particular claim. We are kept informed clearly and fully about every step in the claim process. We have found that Trupanion’s calculations are always accurate, and that the claim payments are very prompt and without any wrangling.
Support from Trupanion is a different experience in contrast to dealing with other (non-pet) insurance companies. Trupanion has even made suggestions to us about the way to be sure we get the full coverage for our premium, and more than once we have been surprised by Trupanion providing benefits that we missed seeing in the necessary “small print” in our contract!
Having needed to submit many claims and to meet a few, serious, condition-specific deductible limits over the past seven years, we must rate Trupanion as 10 stars out of a possible 10, with no reservations at all.
As two pensioners on a limited income and being on the verge of 80 years old, we firmly believe that the monthly premium we pay to Trupanion for insurance coverage for our loved pet is well worth every dollar.
Several times over the past years I have praised Trupanion to our veterinary service and, in some detail, have highly recommended this company to acquaintances met in the local dog park and on daily walks.
We are obviously very grateful to Trupanion for its always supportive words and ongoing financial assistance with keeping our loved companion energetically alive and in as good health as possible.
Farrell Hannah, Coquitlam BC.

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