Trupanion has paid for itself 10 times over already!

Out of 10

This might be long winded, but I just want to tell a few examples of how great my experience has been so far with trupanion. I have done alot of research before getting insurance for bear, and trupanion came out on top by far in every aspect. By the age of 6 months, my rottweiler needed double TPLO surgery at a cost of $14,000 and trupanion was there to cover 90% no questions asked. Also, my parents put insurance on their older mixed breed who was 9 at the time of coverage, and about 3 months after insuring him they found out he had hemangiosarcoma when his spleen had ruptured suddenly when they brought him to the emergency vet. Trupanion was willing to pay for a $6000 emergency surgery at a moments notice, and the claim had been accepted within 10 minutes of the vet calling them! Most of the bad reviews I have read, I believe, are due to people not actually reading their policies and maybe not understanding what pre-existing really means, or not understanding that a condition may be covered but you are going to pay full price until your deductible is satisfied (just my opinion, sorry). Trupanion has been a life saver for us.

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Torn CCL. TPLO surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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