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My wife and I were recently Healthy Paws customers until we suddenly lost our mastiff. Losing our dog was a significant tragedy and while that can't be changed, the stress of that could have been so much worse. She had significant hospital bills which were terrifying to rack up. On multiple occasions, we have had to file large claims and each time, they were reimbursed without argument. We cannot tell you how grateful we are for that. Additionally, a couple of weeks after our loss, we received a card signed by the team at Healthy Paws. It was very touching. I don't know when we'll get another dog but when we do, we will for sure be insuring them through Healthy Paws as well as recommending Healthy Paws to everyone we know.
**A 9 was given rather than a 10 only on the basis of having to be reimbursed rather than payment being directly issued to the Vet; otherwise, I would rate a 10**

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