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I can't say enough positive things about Healthy Paws. I first purchased insurance when my boy Teddy was a puppy, and I'm thankful every day that I did. I carry the maximum level of insurance (90% coverage after a $200 annual deductible) on Teddy and it's worth every penny. The first year of Teddy's life we were at the vet every 2 weeks for chronic skin issues, & more than one emergency visit when he's ingested things that he shouldn't have. We have spent thousands of dollars over the last couple years on procedures, medications, and skin related medical care and the majority of that money spent has been refunded by Healthy Paws (90% to be exact!). His most recent issue was an ER Vet visit that alone cost me roughly $1,000.... I received almost $900 in refund checks for that ER visit. When a $1,000 bill essentially turns into a $100 bill, I have been able to focus on what matters most- my boy's health - and not have the added financial stress. I had no qualms about choosing to provide the needed care for him because I didn't have to choose between spending the money on appropriate care and taking a chance on his health. Looking to the future, as the owner of a giant breed dog one expects to eventually run into some sort of hip/joint problems (though I take excellent care of my boy through nutrition, supplementation, and appropriate exercise). I have peace of mind knowing that heaven forbid that does occur, cost of care won't be an issue.

While my boy has had many visits to the vet and we have unfortunately had to take advantage of our coverage with Healthy Paws frequently, I would still consider this coverage worth it for any household pet- even those who seem to never have health issues. The peace of mind it brings is easily worth the cost per month (which is more than reasonable in my opinion). We use the Healthy Paws app to submit claims, which makes it super easy, fast, and convenient to do. I will be using Healthy Paws for any future pets we have. If you have a puppy, get pet insurance early, it's the smartest thing I have done. There have been no negatives to our experience, and any interaction we've ever had with any Healthy Paws staff has been pleasant, professional, and genuinely caring for my boy. I can't say enough good things - thank you Healthy Paws!

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Multiple issues over the last 2 years
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