Absolute pain but Kelly in the call center saved the day

Out of 10

We had over $5,000 in claims and had to wait nearly 2 months to be paid back (assuming the transfers show up in the next day or 2). Why the delay? I received email after email saying I had missing information. I would call day after day asking what information was missing. They would tell me it was from our dogs old vet and nothing I could do. I still received the emails and continued to call asking why and what I could do to be paid back. Turns out, the old vet faxed the information to the wrong number and a month and a half later Pets Plus Us still hasnt tried to follow up with them and just left me on the hook. Each time I called I would get the run around. Today Kelly promised to look into it and call me back (as previous agents on the phone did). She was the first to call back and told me I am being reimbursed right away. Thank you Kelly.... what was an awful experience all throughout was made better by you.
Also, for anyone reading.... be aware that when your vet tells you to call poison control and you spend upwards of $100 on that phone call so that the vet can receive proper information, this will not be reimbursed as Pets Plus Us has their own poisons call center. I feel this is something everyone should know as it seemed like a bit of a gimmick not letting me call the professional of my choice but being forced to use Pets Plus Us' call center.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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