Horrible Customer Service

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I wish I never signed up with this company. Now my pet has a pre-condition and I can't change over to a new carrier. I am on their top of the line program, with no late payments. I have had my puppy covered since I brought her home. They are extremely slow in processing claims for starters. Secondly I called in today to check to see if my claim has been worked on as I am still waiting for an August 2018 claim to be process. As it is now October 2018. Of course it is sitting there. My vet sends in a form, and medical record to save time and not have to fill in every condition for the visit. She does not fill in section 2 as the entire medical records state why she was in, which is sent in when the claim form is sent in. Seems repetitive as well as they do it this way for all their patients, them with no issue. These customers must be with a different insurance plan. One that cares about the service they give, so jelous. This has worked for well over a year now processing my claims this way. All of a sudden the company will not accept this. When I called, the service agent was rude, and very condescending. Accusing me and my vet of misrepresenting my puppies file and trying to commit a fraud. Clearly if we are sending her medical record there is in no way misrepresentation or fraud as I have now been accused of. I am so offended, I pride myself in my ethics and to be accused of this and treated this way, disgust and saddens me to no end. Let's be clear, her visit, is a recurring monthly injection for allergies, which she has been taking for over a year now. This company is the worst. Do not get them to cover your pet, they will find a way to not cover the claims and give you a hassle and hard time . I wish I can just submit my claim and receive my money back without hassle and in a timely manner. Unfortunately I am now stuck with them, which infuriates me. I am a single person with no back up of funds, to be waiting over 2 months and then get accused of trying to fraud them, is just ridiculous. Please save yourself the issues and stress down the road and go with a company who cares and has a set of standards who treats their customers with respect. Clearly I did not receive any respect from this company.

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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