Your time will be the only thing given after your pet has an issue

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I paid for petplan for many years without ever needing it. I kept it in case the worst happened. It finally did. This company failed me. This company has found one reason after another to reject the claims. Here are a couple of tactics they have used:

- In a wellness visit, I mentioned to the Vet that I was starting to see stiff legs occasionally in my older cat. Over 3 years later, my cat had an injury to her back and couldn't walk. They rejected the claim stating that because I mentioned stiff legs in the visit years prior, that it is a pre-existing condition. After many conversations on the phone and in writing, they said that I never appealed to them. They finally rejected it outright.

- They separated out the same issue into multiple issues. This put them all under the deductible. One separation was lethargy. I tried to explain that lethargy was a symptom that applied to many conditions, not a condition. Nope, rejected.

- If the vet does not take good enough notes, they will reject your claim - even though you submitted the full vet record complete with issue and remedy given. They now say that they will not speak with vets at all. You must do so. Yet, they reject what the vet gives you and tells you to tell the vet to re-write the record. You can imagine how well this goes over with busy Vets. So, claim denied.

Don't buy from them. When you need them, you will be let down. I have spent so much time on appeals and in discussion and they still find a reason to deny. They did pay me out a small amount once. After many 1000s spent, and them separating the claims out to be under the deductible, and much time in appeals and fighting them, I was paid less than $100.

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Renal (kidney)

Liver/gallbladder, back injury
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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