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I will start from the beginning, I tried to enroll online, and would not go through and received an email from them to call them to set it up over the phone, which I had no problem with all of that. I called them to set everything up and even gave my card number. The person I talked to said everything is set up and that there is a 15 day waiting period, and that I will receive a welcome email. Again, I was pleased with everything up to this point. Then fast forward 16 days and I have not heard or received anything. I called to ask about my policy and the person I talked to said it was pending because something went wrong and that he would have a specialist look at it. Still I'm fine with the process to this point, but then the specialist comes on and says we can re-enroll you today and you will just have to wait another 15 days for the policy to kick in. I told them I will if they start my policy today since this was their fault and did not notify me when it didn't go through. She had the nerve to say you should have called us. I got to talk to a manager next and they basically told me they have no record of my call and said it was my fault. What really happened is they screwed up and will not admit it. It was very hard to find a place to leave a review for this company because they don't have this option on their website. If they treat people like this trying to enroll, I can't even imagine how filing claims would be.

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Posted: 08/24/2018

David - we're sorry you have to deal with this unusual issue and realize your customer service experience did not meet yours or our expectations. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and completely understand why you're upset.

As you stated, there was an issue with your card processing online which prompted the message for you to call. Our team member did not notice that there were issues with you card processing and should have notified you during the call. We have instituted additional training on this issue so that it does not happen in the future.

As our team explained in their email to you, after searching our call logs with the numbers provided and the time frame provided we were unable to locate the call. We are more than happy to do further research if you can provide us with the actual time stamp of when you called us. If you had called on a restricted number that would also enable us to locate the call. Without being able to locate this call for review the only other option would be to re-enroll in a new policy and meet the waiting period.

The Healthy Paws Team