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I signed up for Pet Insurance with PetPlan several years ago because of my sisters experience with PetPlan. My sister got a yorky and within a few days she took him to the vet for a checkup. Long story short the poor little guy (Jack) almost passed with in his first few weeks due to a illness. He recovered. The cost would have been a burden had they not had Pet Insurance. Having watched the stress of what they went through and how they didn't have the financial worry my sister recommended PetPlan to me. I signed up never thinking I would ever have to use it. For the cost however it gave me peace of mind knowing I had some coverage. A few years later my very healthy dog took ill. The stress and worry for our little family members health was and still is bad enough but the timing was terrible also. The same week my company closed and I lost my job she took ill. After many days and weeks we learned she has Cushing's Disease. Although I don't have 100% coverage I am so appreciative for what I have. Also I must say that I called PetPlan to inquire about the claim my vet filed for me just to make sure things were progressing as this was my first time using the insurance. The gentlemen on the phone was so compassionate and kind and concerned for our Sandy and he reassured me that my claim would be looked at. The same day I received a email letting me know the claim had been processed and the documents and details were attached. Since that initial claim a follow up claim for more tests were filed and within the advised time line the second claim was processed. Again with such kindness and concern for our pup. I highly recommend all animal lovers consider pet insurance so that if a accident or something terrible like Cushings disease happens your concern and treatment can focus on your beloved pet and no so much on the financial burden. I know there are several options out there but from my sister and my experience I can honestly recommend PetPlan!

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