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I wasn't sure I knew enough about pet insurance, but when our family dog needed ongoing care then emergency treatment, I made myself a promise to learn more! When I adopted Casco, a lab mix from the south, I immediately ensure he had coverage. I didn't know where to start and offhandedly my trusted auto and home advisor said she'd heard good things about Hartville. I have been pleased with how EASY it is to scan and upload medical records (from his rescue then TWO different vets and a specialist) as well as check-in on claims and reimbursement ETAs. Casco is a healthy pup turning two, but without his Hartville family I would have been in a challenging spot with his recent TPLO (ACL) surgery. The testing, medicine, and finally surgical treatment was confusing and scary, but Hartville was there to explain, give options, and indicate what future coverage could help. I was relieved to have someone in my corner who knew this process. Additionally, you think calling insurance is going to be scary or confusing - that maybe you and your pet are just another subscriber, BUT Hartville called within a week of Casco's surgery to check-in and make sure I knew claim was done and helpful dollars were coming my way to ensure my pet's ongoing care/ needs. I'm so thankful for the experience I had and I have told/ will continue to stress the importance of having the insurance/ team in your corner!

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TPLO surgery for ACL tear
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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