In 9 months we had $4,000 in emergency vet bills

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After losing our 6 month old puppy tragically, we made the decision to get another puppy. Now we know Labs are know for eating everything under the sun, so we decided to get pet insurance just as some added assurance “just in case”.
Things went great for 6 months then one day after getting teeth extracted our sweet puppy was staring off into space would not respond to his name, had his head down, and was shaking to the point of not being able to walk. We made the decision to rush him to the emergency vet. We found out he had an intestinal blockage due to “non digestible snacks”, he also had an upper respiratory infection AND he had gotten a hold of part of an oatmeal raisin cookie. He spent a week in the “doggy icu”. We were worried about the bill, it was big $2300.00. I just reassured my husband we were going to be fine, “we have Trupanion, they will pay for most of it.” Sure enough we submitted our claim and they covered $1700.00. They even continued to pay for the meds for after his stay when 2 weeks later his lab results still weren’t where the vet wanted them.
Just 60 days later our “big hunter” was sniffing out a bird and managed to ram a 7 inch stick up his nose and it came to rest 1/4 inch from his brain. Another trip to the emergency vet and another $1700.00 bill, for a stick removal and ct scan. Again Trupanion was there for our buddy, they paid out $1200.00.
We love our puppy and want the best for him and Trupanion has given us the peace of mind that when the unthinkable happens we don’t have to think twice about doing what is medically needed to help our sweet accident prone puppy.

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