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We bought this insurance 8 years ago when our two Boxers were babies. Whew! Are we glad. It has definitely paid for itself! From surgeries for swallowing inappropriate objects to sudden onset of a Bells Palsy type of nerve issue where the jaw wouldn't work (McKenzie could not eat or drink on her own), you have been right there to save the day! And you do it quickly and happily! I have recommended you to every dog owner I know and a few a don't know and I will continue to do so. I see so many owners struggling to pay for expensive treatments and surgeries that their dogs really need. Some never get the treatment they need because the owner just can't afford it. It is so sad to see animals suffer when they don't have to. I am grateful that we made this important decision so many years ago. It has really saved the day and we haven't had to worry about if we should take the dog in to the vet or can we just ride it out and see if the problem goes away........ Trupanion is there each time. Such a relief.

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1 - 8

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Posted: 06/26/2018

Iam searching for insurance for my 2 kittens that are3 months old.

Posted: 03/26/2019
By: Mike Doed

Disappointed I have had no claims since I joined 2 years ago. I was surprised that my monthly rate has increased..
What are the current projections for the next three years? I was told my rates increased because of the cost of veterinary services are expensive, I was told that my monthly rate would not increase when I joined.

Posted: 08/07/2019
By: Cheryl

Two small dogs

Posted: 10/14/2019
By: Ken Harvey

It is always concerning when searching for insurance pricing becomes a total which changes after policy is sold. If agent said price will not change all you have is his word. If not in writing anything is possible. What written documents are available on price change?