PetPlan has been fantastic for my Bulldog Puppy

Out of 10

I want to share my experience working with PetPlan with others thinking about Insurance for their pets and trying to decide which insurance company to choose.I got my puppy late November and because I had heard that English Bulldogs are prone to have health issues, I shopped for health insurance. After much research, decided on Pet Plan. They were definitely not the least expensive, and have had mixed reviews - as have ALL the insurance companies.
They did exclude luxating patella since my vet noted that on the purchase exam. I was surprised that an 8 week old pup could have pre-existing conditions. But I went ahead anyway.
My little guy had trouble breathing, especially at night when he would lay down to sleep. This got progressively worse and in April I had him in the emergency room at the University Veterinary Hospital in Gainesville, FL. He was there almost a week, had surgery on his throat and nose with a bill of over $2600.
A week or so later he developed a bacterial infection due to the absorbable stitches left in his throat. So back we go to the hospital for X-rays and antibiotics. An additional 375$.
Pet plan has paid all these claims at 80% less my $250 deductible. They have been so helpful over the phone explaining the claims process and sent checks within a week.
I highly recommend Petplan and plan to continue this coverage for the lifetime of my puppy. I also have a policy for my cat.
I wouldn’t be without it and encourage anyone wanting a customized, comprehensive health insurance plan for thier pets to choose PetPlan.
Please tell them Anita Pierce and Monty sent you!

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Trouble breathing
Claim Amount
Over $1000

English Bulldog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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