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I am a very grateful pet mom to have purchased Pet Plan insurance for my pets. Since October, 2016 I have had two very sick dogs. One had PLE, protein leaking entropothy and then developed a leaking salivary gland both unrelated. Kirby has been seeing a specialist since the onset of PLE and then had to have surgery for the salivary gland and the bills have really added up. Pet Plan has paid out over 10,000.00 in claims for Kirby thus far. I don't know what I would have done without Pet Plan! Then my Bella began having seizures and it was difficult to get them under control and we had to try many different medications. Then she had to have an MRI at the recommendation of her neurologist. Pet Plan has paid over 2,000.00 in claims for Bella. The claims are handled in a very timely manner (within two weeks you usually have a check for your claim). Both of my pets are pretty young, Kirby was 5 when this started and Bella is 3 and I never expected anything like this to happen to two young dogs. Pet Plan has been a life saver for my pets!!! Also, the customer service department at Pet Plan is absolutely fabulous, Nick Burns handled a problem I had with the Specialty Hospital I use and did not give up until it was straightened out. Also, everyone else that answered my calls during this mix up was very courteous and helpful and I just can't say enough about the customer service department!!! I highly recommend every pet owner to look into Pet Plan Insurance for their pets... because you never know when an unexpected illness or accident may happen. This comes from someone who had it happen to two of her young pets.

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PLE and leaking salivary gland, dog 1 - seizures, dog 2
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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