One of the best decisions I ever made!!!

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PetPlan has helped me with illnesses for both my cat, Tiger, and dog, Daisy. Tiger had an intestinal upset which required hospitalization for two nights and an IV for fluids. This cost about $900 and PetPlan paid everything covered by my plan (80%) except my deductible. Daisy is a miniature dachshund who had a prematurely closed growth plate in her right rear leg. The deformity became more and more apparent as she grew so that the leg didn't touch the ground and was bent and dangling. I chose to help her by having orthopedic surgery followed by lengthy physical therapy. As you can imagine, this was very expensive (around $7000) and PetPlan covered everything, including the physical therapy, according to my plan (80%) except the deductible. I'm very happy to report that Daisy is now a very happy girl running around on all four legs. PetPlan also has a very helpful and friendly staff available 24/7 for calls. My most recent excellent experience was with Emily Briggs, who was very helpful and extremely pleasant to talk to. I would never have a pet without PetPlan now and have recommended it to all my animal-loving friends.

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orthopedic--prematurely closed growth plate
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Miniature Dachshund

Age of Pet
Under a year

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