This company saved my dogs life

Out of 10

As a pet parent to three chihuahua mixes, I have found Petplan to be a lifesaver. Not only does this company resolve each claim super fast and without nitpicking, the customer service is impeccable. Each time I have called I have had the pleasure of talking with a real live person who is an actual pet owner and cares!! Can I emphasize that enough? It is such a relief to feel like I am not alone when I am worried about my little dog making it through surgery or trying to figure out what the problem is. Without this great company I would have had to agonize over the cost of vet care in an emergency. A couple of years ago one of my pups was attached by a much larger dog and had life saving emergency surgery. Petplan came through for me and paid on the claim super fast and helped me with not having to worry about money when my baby's life was at stake. Currently my oldest pup is undergoing multiple tests and expensive diagnostics to determine what is wrong (we think Inflammatory Bowel Disease). Emily at Petplan has been "holding my hand" through this process by helping me with my claims and keeping me apprised of the status so I don't have that additional financial stress: she has been an angel! I have always told my friends that they need to get or switch to Petplan but now more than ever I am a huge advocate. This is a wonderful company!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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