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We are so grateful to have PetPlan insurance for our dog boys
My wife and I could not have children, so we opted for the next best thing - dogs! We both grew up with furry members of the family, so it was a natural when we decided to add them to our family. Buzz, a border collie/shepherd mix was our second dog, and little brother to Leroy the border/lab mix, and was a perfect fit with our active lifestyle. Sadly, Leroy met an untimely fate due to bone cancer when he was only 9-1/2 yrs old. Then, one day late last summer, we felt some grape sized lumps behind Buzz' knees which, to our horror, turned out to be swollen lymph glands caused by B-cell lymphoma. We were shocked and devastated - thinking, how could this happen? Again! Having gone thru the cancer drill with Leroy and PetPlan, and a very talented cancer vet named Alice Villalobos, we knew we had the best resources a pet owner could have to give quality of life to our pal Buzz. And quality of life he's gotten! He has been in remission from his cancer since last October, and seems like absolutely nothing is wrong. Everyone who meets him remarks about how "normal" and good he looks. He is his playful, lovable, affable self. He gets treatments at home and in Dr. Alice's office which would be difficult to pay for without PetPlan. To say we are grateful for PetPlan is an understatement. Dr. Alice says the outlook for Buzz is promising, and he is a happy, energetic guy in spite of his cancer. We never know what tomorrow will bring, but for today, we are living life to the fullest, and PetPlan is a very important part of our life.

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